30 Sep God’s Gift to Rock: A Late ’70s Marshall JMP 100 Watt

(please note: this post is a follow up from a previous research: Angus Young’s Marshall Amplifier(s) & the “Back in Black Tone Project” )

EDITED: Members ROCKER and Sgace have helped me determine that this amp was NOT a super lead (NON master volume) but it was born as a Master Volume since its beginning. It was later modified as stated below. Have no idea of the differences yet 😛

So, it has arrived (for the record, this is a 1979 Marshall JMP 100w Lead). (more…)

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27 Sep Angus Young’s Marshall Amplifier(s) & the “Back in Black Tone Project”

Update of Mon, Oct the 4th: our own headwhop26 has posted info from a reliable source stating the following:

Angus has frequently recalled the use of a 100-watt late-60s Marshall JMP100 Super Lead amp with EL34 output tubes in the early days of the band, while Malcolm often played through a slightly earlier JTM100 Super Amp with KT66 output tubes, a late-’60s Super Bass with EL34 tubes, or a 100-watt Plexi Super Lead much like his brother’s”

“Angus also often records through the 100-watters, he has been known to use any of a range of several JTM45s. a JTM50, and a later JMP50 in the studio (the former with KT66s , the latter two with EL34s)”

“Angus has also taken to replicating his recorded lead tone live with a JTM45, which is sometimes miked through an isolation cab under the stage. (more…)

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23 Sep So, “Luna” (Moon) comes to the world

Been pretty silent these last days, but now I can tell you why. Not that you should care by the smallest bit: I always tend to be silent about inner family matters, but this can be a “light” subject, too.

She came to light “at home”, yes, we chose the older (but with “new” awareness) style of giving birth: in the water, at home.

We already love her so much. I chose to be there too, and I cut personally the “live wire” (forget if it’s called that way in English?) and she is as healthy as can be.

Let us introduce to you our second child, Luna.


Fil :)

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14 Sep The Metro Session: Technical specifications and some pictures

So, I’m launching today – as promised – my first test (I was testing myself, not the amp 😆 ) with this Metro (George Metropoulos Amplification).

We recorded – my ex-sound Engineer – Chris – and I – in the same place where I had recorded the AC/DC tone video.

Three microphones were used, a condenser Neumann U87 and two dynamic Shure SM57s, one on the front of the cab and one in the back (to capture more bass and the reverb of the room). (more…)

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14 Sep The Metro Session – Angus Young Signature

With this video I am starting to release a number of videos (around 10) from edited footage shot recently. This one features an Angus Young Signature played on this Metro (Metropoulos amplification) and on a vintage original 1969 Marshall 4×12 non slanted cabinet with original, vintage G12s in it.

Video will end at a given moment as camera died. But the sound was still recorded (separately) so it will play back.

Information about Metro Amps here: http://metroamp.com/

If you decide to contact Metro, please let them know you came from SoloDallas – aka Fil – I’d love to get some recognition for this and slowly transform this site into a small business.

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