04 Apr SoloDallas.net Reaches 5136 Members!

Wow. One of my objectives was to reach five thousands Members. Seems like we did it.

We did it.

I would like to thank you All.

Even though we are five thousand strong there are only a few hundred of us that post comments? If you feel you would like to comment but don’t have anything of value to say, then you are wrong! Now is your chance! Here is the opportunity to introduce youself and tell us where you’re from and if you play, are learning to play or would just like to. You may just be a ‘Classic Rock’ fan, come on say a big Hi to all here! :)



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27 Mar SoloDallas’ Band Rehearsals


naturally it is not called “SoloDallas” band; I’m just the lead guitar player. But I named the post this way so that it would be understandable.

This was the third rehearsal, and things to me look (and sound) good.

Today I finally was able to bring in my 2204 and a 4×10 1970s cabinet. To tell you the truth, I think this cab “cuts” a bit too much in the mids (cut’s through, but a tad too much).

Used two guitars, the “Husk” les Paul and one of the several 1969 Gibson SG standards.

Anyways, I recorded the band before my two weeks long departure, as I wanted to have something to listen to, as I know I will be missing this place, my band and playing guitar.

Here it is to you, humbly. The drums and bass player are two known Italian pro’s that use to play for Mr. De Greogori (unknown to all of you most likely).

English speaking natives, please be kind towards the singer; I think he has a great voice, but naturally, English is not his first language (and neither his second one lol).

I recorded everything personally, with my two AT4047 put rather high (at eyes hight) on the corners of the room we play in. Recorded through an Mbox 2 Pro into my portable Mac Pro via ProTools 9.0.x

In no way by god do I remember the names of the songs lol. These are all covers, some of them are John Hiatt’s. I realize it may well not be your music genre (although, it’s well rooted into the blues) but still, first I wanted you to have a listen to my new band :)

Secondly, you know I always put myself on the line to give personal example of the fact that, AC/DC – yes, them – will let you play anything related to blues/rock with pride. If you consider that I still almost don’t know the structure of the song and that I have improvised every single solo, this should speak at lengths.

But anyway, enough with the chatter. Here we play for you, our first audience, with pleasure :)

PS should you wonder where I am in the stereo position, you’ll find me on the left! 😉




Song 1

Song 2

Song 3

Song 4

Song 5



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18 Mar Updated: The “What Do You Want Me To Do Next” Post: Top 10 update

Fil’s Update as of Fri March 18th: Shooting of the first tutorial officially begins. Today will be the day of the Back in Black  tutorial.

Rhythm and Solo.

Thanks for voting! I plan on doing a few of these before I leave for a two weeks long trip. I will try to leave you with a bunch of hopefully tutorials to work on.



Fil :)


Top 10 Update as per March 07 by Banane

1. Back in Black
2. You Shook Me All Night Long
3. Hells Bells
4. Highway To Hell
5. If You Want Blood
6. Whole lotta Rosie
7. Down payment blues (8 and most votes)
8. Stiff upper lip (8 votes, same as No. 7, had to throw a coin)
9. Ballbreaker (8 votes)
10. Rock’n Roll ain’t noise pollution (7 votes)


Not so much changes in the last week. Ballbreaker got one more vote, so Rock’n Roll ain’t noise pollution went from 9. to 10. Beating around the Bush got 2 more votes, so the next ones after Rock’n Roll ain’t noise pollution are now: Beating around the Bush (5 votes),  Bad Boy Boogie (5 votes).  All other songs got only 4 votes and below.
We had also request for songs from other bands like Peter Green, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Boston, Free, Bad Company, Foreigner, Led Zeppelin, The Who, Rolling Stones, Aerosmith. Maybe Fil is somday in a mood to play them :)

Have a nice week!

Banane (more…)

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15 Mar Keith Urban’s Tour Rehearshal Video

I am not really into Keith Urban, that I need to let you know. So don’t be scared: SoloDallas.net is not going to turn into country lol

I have listened to several things of him, and it’s not exactly my style of music. However, some country-rock or rock and roll tunes by him may raise some interest.

What always should raise interest – because we learn from these people anyway – is technical aspects, production, arrangement, sounds, gear and also, in the case of Mr. Urban, a terrific positive attitude and approach. I know he used to have alcohol and drugs problems, which I really hope he’ll solve (or has solved): alcohol (I don’t drink) and drugs (I did some many years ago, so I tried: worst thing on the planet and NOT helping creativity-wise, despite the false myths about it) but he still seems a very good person.

Here I present a short clip of his rehearsals for touring. Good thing. Great place where to rehears, placement of the instruments, see how they are simulating to have an audience in front of them, with musicians already positioned, etc.



He’s playing a ’50s Goldtop with PAFs. I believe that guitar had gotten flooded and was completely soaking wet. Glad he was able to recover it.

Also, and I found this out the other day, the coincidence here is that Urban is a Kiwi! (New Zealand). Wife is Nicole Kidman, an Aussie!


Two more videos of his gear/guitar tech:

Part One

Part Two



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12 Mar SoloDallas Lab “Revamped”

Update: re-updated the situation here. Finally, my old (super old!) 1969 (date) 1960A with original and great sounding 25W GreenBack Celestions G12M (pre Rola) has been completely restored.

[singlepic id=437 w=1024 h=768 float=]

I am putting it on top of the 1971 1960B with G12H30. Little room will remain on top of these for multiple heads, and that breaks my heart lol.

However, these cabinets are all one needs to re-create the most addictive AC/DC (and classic rock) eras.

They do sound slightly different. Now I am beginning to believe that Back in Black – for example – was played with G12Ms and not G12H30s. However, it may be quite possible that combinations of those were used in different songs/albums.

To help you refresh your memory, this cabinet had been played – for example – in the whole Metro session: (more…)

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04 Mar Testing 1, 2, 3 (Marshall “Boost” Test)

Okay, here we go:

[Video missing, sorry.]

Please note: at about the end of the video clip, clip will turn black while audio is still working. Canon camera heated up and turned off automatically. The audio will continue for a few more seconds.

Used the 1987 for this one, as the 1959 was heating way too much (I put new tubes yesterday, but didn’t BIAS: I will have to put the old ones back in if I want to avoid foolish damage) . And also, as I wanted to concentrate a bit on solo’s (though I played quite a bit rhythm, too) I gave it a go.

The chance was good to remind myself that even this reissue – though modified – Marshall 50W head is pretty good. Judge for yourself, but I like it much.

Consider that I used only one setting for the amp (Presence 0, Bass 8, Middle 5, Treble 5, Volume 6: now it makes sense to use the volume at 6 as Angus stated in many interviews… of couse, with a BOOST!!!) and only setting for the microphones equalization (Sonnox Plugins, Professional Equalizer for ProTools). Didn’t change it across the whole video/audio session.

The boost unit is a custom made, by hand, unit made by “Cloe Guitars” (my Luthiers/PLEK shop).

Still, I think you can now “recognize” a decent studio tone. (more…)

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