Back in Black

Tone Project

“Back In Black In The Living Room” (With AC/DC Italy’s Fan Club Founder)
It was several years ago (5 probably) that Gabriele and I met "online", both passionate about AC/DC as we have always been since an early age. And it had been years that we wanted to do some jamming together, so he took the chance and came to Rome - he's from Milan - and stayed a couple days at my place. In probably 1 hour we had setup my living room (it's a beautiful, long and bright room with wooden floors) with a couple of Wizards, older Marshall cabinets (his has G12H30s, mine cross G12-65s & G12Ms, all from the 1970s) and two Audio Technica AT4047s connected to my Mac Book laptop, recording with Audacity. We improvised probably 5 or 6 AC/DC tunes among the many (I believe almost all) that we know, but we only used the backing tracks on a couple of songs and one is the one you see here (second one to be published next week).
AC/DC’s “Riff Raff”, Studio Version, Schaffer-Vega Diversity Series
This one took me circa four days to prepare, before final recording that is. I have been trying with the microphone position (Neumann U47) and with mild - really just a bit - equalization. The microphone used in this album - or the microphones - was a Neumann U47 FET, a different microphone to the Neumann U 47 tube version, which is older than the FET design.
The Sound Of The Schaffer Vega Diversity (Back in Black)
I know... I know! But you knew that I can't get enough of it. It's my passion, my torment, my obsession. And the most sold album worldwide, as well. Well., let me update you a bit about what has been going on behind the curtains recently. I knew - directly from Mr. Schaffer - that the "Angus Young" era of the Schaffer Vega came with a Receiver AND a specific type of transmitter. It was the X10 - naturally - but a specific type of X10. It had (has) a black knob instead of the flat screw of the later models. I really wanted THAT X10 (because I knew that that would give me the sound I was looking for). [singlepic id=524 w=1024 h=768 float=none] X10s with Black Knob