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Filippo Olivieri and Angus Young 2
“Fil” Circle: SoloDallas Meeting Angus Young. Part One.

He made it because he didn't know it was impossible (Mark Twain)

Well it has come full circle: after 30+ years, I got to meet my hero of a lifetime, Angus Young. I know that you may be curious as to how this meeting was ever even possible, so here's the whole story.

Filippo Olivieri and Angus Young 3
Full Circle: SoloDallas Meeting Angus Young. Part Two.
Of course, both Ken & I gave in to Ellen’s second request that we join them all in feasting - happily so. The meal would have also given me an excuse for my silence - shock, more than silence - keeping my mouth full (though politely) could have calmed me down, I thought. And it worked. It just worked. The meal was delicious, which I am sure helped me quite a bit. Dinner was a healthy Asian recipe cooked by Ellen in a wok, containing rice, chicken and vegetables. Lightly on the spicy side (ask Ken about it).  Eating “family style” was a relaxing sign for us all.
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Test Driving A Schaffer Replica® Pedal & A Rock N Roll Relics Angus Model: AC/DC’s “You Shook Me All Night Long”
Here to you, the second part (out of... X) of our "Studio Day" in Los Angeles, CA last August, following up on our first Test Driving A Schaffer Replica™ Pedal & A Rock N Roll Relics Angus Model: AC/DC’s “Sin City” where Billy Rowe of and myself "test drove" our respective pieces of equipment (his "Angus" model SG Standard modeled after a late '60s Gibson SG Standard with some specific requirements by me, first and foremost being, my requirement for playability and ease of set up whereas often vintage Gibson SGs really demand a lot of work for a number of reasons). The Studio was Gilby Clarke's own home studio (beautiful!) in Los Angeles. I can not quite describe the feeling of being there while looking at some gold albums affixed on the walls... felt pretty weird. Gilby was terrific with us. Completely down to earth, colloquial (i.e., liked to speak to us), just a common "rock n roll guy" like us. Since he's been friends with Billy for a long time (probably since the teenager years) this surely helped.