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15 Nov Introducing The Art of Vibrato (By SD/JP)

Guitar Vibrato Vibrato: a very difficult yet overlooked skill. You all probably know the importance of this technique while playing lead. A sustained note without vibrato can often sound bland and tasteless. On the other hand, a poorly executed vibrato can sound harsh and sloppy. There are many styles of vibrato, each of them reflecting the personality of the player. Slow, fast, wide, narrow…

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14 Aug New BOSS Pedal: The TS-1 (Just for a laugh)

Well… It seems that there is not much stuff going on here right now. 😛

I was a bit bored today (you know… Those times when you actually have stuff to do but feel like doing useless things instead) 😀
Anyway, I found a hilarious pic on Jake’s Facebook and decided to make something with it.

I always liked these “Demotivational posters”. They are quite funny. So I made one of them with it.
Then I had some ideas and made more of them.

Well… While we wait for more news from Fil, I decided to post them, just for comedic relief. After all, they are Rock and Roll realated in a way. :)

Here they are:

Silly post, isn’t it? 😛

Oh well… I hope you could at least get a laugh out of this.

If you want to make your own posters, you can go here.

C’mon guys! Let’s have some fun! Make your own Solodallas.net demotivational posters and post them here! 😀

Here are some from Marcus:

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13 Jun High Wattage – AC/DC’s Marshall amps through the years (Work in Progress – UPDATED: Back in Black era uncovered)

Main Research: André Kozuma

Edits and additional info, SoloDallas


So, hello again everyone! :)

Here I am again with another article.

This all is mostly things we already know, but I felt that we needed a place to put it all together and make it easier to consult rather than have to search though all the other pages to find the info on the comments or that sort of thing.

What I plan to do is a real Index for everything AC/DC related (gear-wise), but mostly the amps. Perhaps we can cover all of AC/DC’s history, but I can’t do this alone. I would like to ask every member of this community a little help. If you find any bit of info, good pics, videos, whatever it is, that you think it’s interesting, share with us, so we can oficially post it here.

So, let’s start with the amps.

Early Years – High Voltage, TNT, Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (1973 – 1976)

A few pics:


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